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CO2 Fire Supression System:

CO2 fire suppression systems are the systems of choice for commercial facilities. These supression systems are adaptable to a variety of hazards. These systems use carbon dioxide that will not damage property. We offer many varieties of supression systems but our CO2 systems can be used for:

  • Automated Storage
  • Electronics Operations
  • Metal Production & Processing

FE-13 Fire Supression System:

Our FE-13 Fire Supression systems are ideal for larger areas, protecting bigger spaces. These systems protect for flammable liquids, high ceiling structures and low temperature environments. These FE-13 Fire Supression Systems have low toxicity and do not leave residue behind. Some advantages to FE-13 Fire Supression Systems include:

  • Do Not Conduct Electricity
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Environmentally Preferred Alternative to Halon 1301

Service & Maintenance:

Rich Fire Protection can provide your fire systems with inspection services. During routine inspections, we evaluate every aspect of your sprinkler and supression system to make sure it is functioning properly. Many accidents are due to cold weather, lack of maintenance and vandalism. Make sure your supression system is up to date and running properly.