Rich Fire Protection knows that an emergency can strike at any time of day or night. Accidents happen all the time. Maybe it’s the middle of winter and your pipes have frozen because your furnace has failed and now your sprinkler lines have started to leak. Maybe one of your employees or tenants has accidentally hit a sprinkler head and you need someone to fix the problem ASAP before you face serious damage. Whatever your needs, Rich Fire Protection is there for you.

24-Hour Emergency Response

Their team of experts works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer emergency-based fire suppression contractor services serving the Bronx, Queens and all the boroughs of New York City as well as the Tri-State area. When you call, a real person – not a recording – will answer the phone, and a technician will be at your building within four hours to troubleshoot and repair your issue.

Rich Fire Protection’s extensive knowledge and experience with fire sprinkler system repairs means they can fix any pipe or leak, whether it’s above or below ground. They offer comprehensive services at a fair price and with prompt service.

Call for Fire Sprinkler Repair

If a sprinkler head or sprinkler piping in your facility is damaged or leaking, don’t worry! Just call Rich Fire Protection at 609-641-7776 and help will soon be on the way.

Installations, Inspection, and Testing

If your fire sprinkler system is out of date or if you need to install an entire system from scratch, Rich Fire Protection has you covered as well. They also offer prompt correction of all fire department violations, fire pump testing and installation and five-year hydrostatic pressure tests, as well as new fire sprinkler system design and installation services for Hawthorne, Manhattan, Long Island and anywhere else you need an emergency fire suppression system.

For more information about repair and emergency services, contact service manager Bryan Butkus. His hands-on experience will guide you through the necessary steps to alleviate an emergency situation.

If you need service immediately, please click on I NEED SERVICE at the top of the page, or click here.


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24-Hour Emergency Service
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