Fire System Inspection Services

Fire System Inspection Services

Professional & Routine Fire Protection System Inspections

Serving New Jersey and the Tri-State Area

Fire System Inspection Services

Routine inspections are a vital part of ensuring that your sprinkler system in fire-ready condition. You never know when fire might strike, so it is essential to have your sprinkler system at full working capacity at all times.

Rich Fire Protection is a leader in the fire sprinkler industry, serving Atlantic City, the Bronx and all the boroughs of New York, as well as the greater Tri-State region. For a thorough, comprehensive inspection of every aspect of your fire sprinkler system, we are truly unbeatable.

Schedule Fire Suppression System Inspections

Testing and inspecting your fire suppression system on a quarterly and annual basis, will set you at ease, knowing that no element of your fire sprinkler system has been compromised by vandalism, maintenance issues or routine deterioration.

A majority of fire sprinkler system problems are caused by accidental damage. To help prevent future mishaps, Rich Fire Protection can educate your facility’s staff to make sure they are aware there is a fire sprinkler system in place and clear up any questions or misunderstandings. Our technicians are qualified and experienced in providing service for fire systems in a wide variety of buildings including commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Meeting Fire Sprinkler Inspections Code

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, Rich Fire Protection will perform preventative measures to keep potential problems from occurring. The NFPA 25 inspection procedure allows our experts to provide a documented account of the status of your sprinkler system(s), giving you an in-depth look at any issues or needed repairs so that you can ensure your system is working properly when you need it.

Systems We Inspect and Test

  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Special hazard suppression
  • Fire alarm and detection systems
  • Pre-action sprinklers
  • Deluge fire sprinklers

At Rich Fire Protection we serve Atlantic City, the Bronx and all the boroughs of New York, as well as the greater Tri-State region. To learn more about fire sprinkler system inspections and monitoring for your facility, contact Rich Fire Protection by calling 609-641-7776 today.

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