Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Each facility in the industrial marketplace requires unique suppression systems based off the hazards, machinery and systems within a building. We understand the cost a fire can have for your company and will work with you to install the right systems for each hazard to react quickly and appropriately to limit down time, damage and residue in case of an emergency. Our team will design fire suppression systems for your facilities providing you with peace of mind that should an emergency occur, your systems will do its job.

We design, install and maintain the following types of fire suppression systems:

  • CO2 fire suppression systems
  • FE-13 fire suppression systems
  • FM-200
  • Foam/chemical suppression
  • Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system

CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
CO2 fire suppression systems are the fire suppression systems of choice for many types of industrial and commercial facilities. These fire suppression systems are adaptable to a wide variety of hazards and can be used as an extinguisher for many different applications. These systems discharge carbon dioxide that is non-damaging to property and will not conduct electricity.

CO2 fire suppression systems are used for:

  • Automated storage and retrieval facilities
  • Automotive
  • Cement plant/blast furnace indirect coal firing systems
  • Electronics operations
  • Electronics/computer production
  • Metal production and processing
  • Power generation
  • Printing
  • Research facilities
  • Shipboard (marine) systems

FE-13 Fire Suppression Systems
FE-13 fire suppression systems protect large areas, storage areas for flammable liquids, high ceiling structures, low temperature environments, and turbine enclosures. These fire suppression systems have the lowest toxicity of any clean agent and do not leave a residue behind after usage. FE-13 will not conduct electricity, is non-corrosive and is an environmentally preferred alternative to Halon 1301.

FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems
This waterless fire suppression system is used as an alternative to Halon 1301 because it is environmentally safe and non-toxic. FM-200 fire suppression systems do not leave any residue and is safe enough for use in areas that contain artwork or computer servers. These fire suppression systems are typically used for larger, open areas of a facility.

Foam/Chemical Suppression Systems
A foam/chemical fire suppression system is used wherever there is a risk of liquid fire. These systems work by dispersing a fire retardant that mixes with water and expands over the liquid that is on fire – suffocating it. Foam/chemical suppression systems are typically used where flammable liquids are stored, heliports, aircraft hangars, refineries, and processing areas.

Victaulic Vortex Fire Suppression System
The Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system uses water and nitrogen to suppress fires quickly and efficiently. Nitrogen is safe to use while people are present in the area and will reduce the amount of oxygen feeding the fire. Small water drops are used for minimal wetting. These systems use an innovative GREEN design that is environmentally friendly.

Full-Service Fire Suppression Provider

As a full-service fire suppression company, Rich Fire provides the following services for fire suppression systems:

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