Fire Extinguisher Company

Fire Extinguisher Company

Fire Extinguisher Installation, Service, and Tagging in New Jersey

Fire Extinguisher Company

The state of New Jersey mandates and NFPA 10 that fire extinguishers be serviced and tagged annually. Our expert technicians can service and/or tag your fire extinguishers at your place of business or at our site. We offer many types and sizes of fire extinguishers for sale and smoke detectors for your home or place of business.

Keep Your Extinguishers Code Compliant

There are many things you can do to ensure your fire extinguishers are working when you need them to.

  • Inspect them once a month to make sure they are charged and still easily accessible.
  • Hire a fire protection expert to inspect the hoses and mechanisms annually.
  • Do a six-year inspection on your fire extinguishers.

Schedule A Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Rich Fire Protection can perform annual inspections of your fire extinguishers. We will inspect all components of your extinguisher to make sure it is ready to use and will function properly. If you are interested in a fire extinguisher inspection, installation and service from Rich Fire Protection, contact us today or call at 609-641-7776 !

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