Benefits of an Alarm Monitoring Service

Alarms are a great way to alert building occupants of a potential threat, such as an intruder, fire or system failure. However, if the building is for any reason unoccupied for any length of time, will the authorities or service providers be notified immediately to resolve the issue? 

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Alarm system monitoring is a service that many commercial, industrial and residential buildings value. Many buildings are unoccupied for a large portion of the day and on weekends, leaving the alarms susceptible to go unnoticed. A monitoring service allows the building owner/manager to have peace of mind that if any alarms are triggered, action will be taken immediately. 

What type of Alarms are Monitored?

There are many different types of alarm systems that are installed in buildings, most commonly fire, fire sprinklers, security, temperature control, and other protection systems. If any of these alarms were to go off when the building was unoccupied and the building manager was unable to receive the alert, the building is left unprotected and could be severely damaged. 

Rich Fire Protection Alarm Monitoring Services

Atlantic City, NJ and the surrounding areas

Rich Fire Protection offers a reliable, affordable alarm monitoring service for Atlantic City and the surrounding areas. Our team will receive the signal if an alarm sounds and alert police, fire, ambulance, or technicians to attend to the issue based on the assessment. 

We offer 24-Hour Monitoring for: 

  • Fire
  • Security
  • Fire Pump Signals
  • Sprinkler Water Flow and Supervisory Signals
  • Temperature
  • System Trouble Status
  • Sub Systems such as Clean Agent and other Special Hazard Systems

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