Can Fire Sprinkler Systems Save Your Life?

f08Fire sprinkler systems can save your life. The professional staff here at Rich Fire Protection likes to remind our customers of this fact, as fire safety is often something that can be taken for granted. Installing a fire sprinkler system in your home gives your family a much better chance of survival in the case of a fire emergency.

A push towards installing sprinkler systems inside of homes is increasingly being seen across North America. As this article published by The Columbian discusses, fire departments have been advising home and property owners to consider installation of sprinklers to suppress a fire and keep it from becoming an inferno.

Vancouver is often considered one of the nicest cities in North America in which to live, but the city has been faced with four fire-related deaths during 2014, more than is usual at this point of the year. Fire chiefs and personnel throughout the city’s fire departments have been teaming up to show residents how sprinkler systems can make an unmistakable difference in fighting fires.

Some Vancouver Fire Department staff contributed to a recent exhibition on sprinklers at the department’s headquarters. They showed residents of the town exactly how sprinklers can suppress a fire by actually setting up two demonstration rooms containing the exact same contents, except one of these rooms was outfitted with a sprinkler system. Although both rooms were severely damaged, the room without sprinklers was a total inferno within 30 seconds while the sprinklers in the other room suppressed the fire fairly well.

The city already has a few ordinances regarding buildings that must be outfitted with sprinkler systems, but that doesn’t cover all homes within the city. Many property owners may be worried about the price of such a system, but the above story cites an average cost of $1 per square foot for installing an effective series of sprinklers within a building.

If you’re interested in finding out whether a fire sprinkler system in your home might be affordable, call Rich Fire Protection today. We serve the fire safety needs of homeowners all over the Tri-State NY/NJ/PA metropolitan area.