Change Your Fire Safety Mindset When the Seasons Change

Fire Prevention

Fire PreventionIt feels like we have talked about a lot in this blog. We have obviously talked about how important it is to have fire sprinklers installed in your homes, but we have also touched upon the crazy world of fire codes, which can be its own bag of worms since each state is different in regards to them, not to mention counties, towns, and other municipalities. There have also been blog posts about fires and the importance of fire prevention. This has ranged from wildfires to arson. The list can go on and on with that, unfortunately, but one thing we haven’t discussed is the importance of updating your fire alarms and fire sprinklers when the seasons change – at least we haven’t done so in a while!

Last week saw the annual passing of the seasonal Olympic Torch from summer to autumn. Of course, everyone is usually quite divisive on this change. Some are sad to see summer go and with good reason: it’s the season of parties, great weather, and good times. For them, fall means a blanket of darkness, colder temperatures, and the feeling that in a couple months’ time we’ll be shoveling out the driveway. For most of us, and we’re confident in saying that, fall means beautiful colors, apple cider, and Halloween. Those are all fun things, but the one mistake that people make in terms of fire prevention is thinking that colder temperatures equal less fires. They are wrong, dead wrong.

When seasons change so does the makeup of our homes and buildings we own. Wiring must be changed or at least looked at.

Whenever the seasons change is a good time to reevaluate the fire prevention equipment in your homes.

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