Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

Deluge fire systems are great for high hazard applications where total flooding is needed to prevent a fire from growing uncontrollably.

What is a Deluge System?

In a deluge fire system, all the sprinkler heads are always open and sprinkler pipes are empty, unpressurized, and connected to the main water supply. When a fire is detected in your facility, the deluge valve that holds the water back opens and water flows through the pipes and through all the sprinkler heads. All the sprinkler heads discharge water at once to create a total flood that suppresses a fire quickly and effectively before it grows too large. Deluge systems use water, foam, or another fire suppressant.

Common Applications

Deluge sprinkler systems are suitable for high hazard applications. Some of the applications that deluge systems are commonly found in include:

  • Power plants
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Chemical plants
  • Processing facilities

Why Choose a Deluge System?

A deluge fire sprinkler system may be the right choice for customers whose facilities have hazardous materials or processes that need a highly effective fire system to prevent the uncontrollable growth of the fire. In a deluge system, all the sprinkler heads are already open and all the heads release water at once, which offers a quicker response to a fire, making it more effective for high hazard areas. Another advantage to deluge systems is that the pipes are dry, which means they are not at risk of freezing in cold temperatures, unlike a traditional fire sprinkler system.

Work with Rich Fire Protection for Deluge System Installation

Rich Fire Protection can design, install and service deluge fire systems. We are a full-service fire protection provider and install deluge systems in accordance with NFPA standards. Rich Fire serves clients in Atlantic City, NJ and beyond. We provide inspections, testing and service to keep your fire protection systems functional and code compliant. If you are interested in working with Rich Fire Protection to install a deluge fire system, contact us today.