Demonstration Shows Effectiveness of Fire Sprinklers

f05At Rich Fire, we’ve been telling you about the importance of having fire sprinkler systems installed in every property, and so have many other fire safety organizations and companies across the country. Unfortunately, sometimes telling people something isn’t enough to make them believe the reality of the situation. Sometimes a demonstration is in order, and that’s exactly what the Florida Fire Sprinkler Association realized. Late last month they held a demonstration that showed what a fire can do to a room with a fire sprinkler, and one without.

They began the demonstration by igniting a fire in a trash can that was placed inside each room. Within two minutes, the room without a sprinkler was fully engulfed in flames. It took an even shorter amount of time for smoke to cover the small property. The room with the sprinkler system fared much better.

In fact, the room that has a sprinkler system installed remained almost completely unscathed from the fire, and only showed some slight water damage. A representative from the association underlined the fact that sprinklers can contain fires, keep the temperature of the room low, and prevent smoke from filling the air.

We’re always happy to see more examples of why fire sprinkler systems are important, especially when they involve demonstrations like this and not real world stories where people get hurt. The next time you are wondering whether or not you should have a fire sprinkler in your building, remember the results of this simple, yet effective, demonstration.