Fire-Resistant Building Materials

5[1]While fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and alarm systems are all beneficial when it comes to fighting fires, there are a few things property owners and builders can do to prevent fires before they even start. Specifically, there are several building materials that are designed to be fire-resistant, and if used can make a property that much safer when a fire starts.

During a fire, people often overlook the dangers that windows pose. While a window may serve as a quick exit, they can also become very hot. If a window comes into too much contact with flames, it may heat up and shatter.  If there is a fire outside the home, it could shatter a window and allow the flames to more easily enter the building. To prevent this, fire-resistant windows can be installed in the property. There are a few options to consider, including dual-paned glass windows, glass blocks, and tempered glass. Steel framing can also be used for some added protection.

Another fire-resistant building material is concrete. Luckily, concrete is very common, especially in commercial buildings. Not only is it noncombustible, but it takes much longer for a fire to affect its structural integrity than most other materials. It is even more fire-resistant than steel.

Finally, stucco is a great choice for anyone who wants to construct a fire-resistant building. This plaster can be used as a finish on just about any type of building, and it is ideal for covering brick and wood. It is also the perfect solution if you are looking to coat roof eaves, which can be a fire hazard.

There are several other fire-resistant building materials including brick and gypsum. While there is no 100% effective solution to prevent a fire, these materials can prevent flames from spreading and give you more time to get out if a fire starts.