Fire Safety Advice for the Holidays

stockings over fireplaceAs you hang decorations and lights around your home this holiday season, one of the last things on your mind is the possibility that a fire will occur. December is the peak month for home candle fires and Rich Fire Protection would like to remind you to take care while decorating your home and cooking for guests this holiday season.

Lighting and Decorations

As you deck the halls this December, there are a few different things you should pay close attention to. While Christmas tree fires are not overly common, one in every three is caused by electrical problems. As you unravel your lights this season, watch for frayed ends and check to see if strands are for indoor or outdoor use before putting them up. If your lights aren’t working right, we recommend springing for some new ones instead of having to worry about a potential fire.

The next area you should check is your fireplace. Stockings are a poplar part of holiday décor, but they can also be dangerous when hanging too close to your fireplace. If you hang your stockings from the mantle, make sure they aren’t so long that they hang close to the fire or take them down when you have a fire roaring. Whether you have a candle burning or a fire going, remember to watch it carefully and put it out before leaving the room.

Cooking Fires

Cooking fires are another common source of fires throughout the holiday season and with so much going on, we understand why. Whether you are preparing for a big holiday party or are cooking dinner for relatives who are visiting from out of town, you’re bound to have a lot on your mind.

To prevent cooking fires from occurring this December, we recommend staying in the kitchen while you are preparing meals and keeping flammable objects like pot holders and wooden utensils away from the stove. If you do have to leave the room, ask a guest to watch the stovetop or turn off the burners until you get back.

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