Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing Frequency

Inspecting and testing your fire sprinkler systems can help maximize system integrity, prevent failures, ensure fast response in an emergency, and extend the longevity of your system. It is extremely important to set up program to get your sprinkler system inspected and tested on a regular basis.

fire sprinkler inspection


NFPA 25 is the Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems. This standard sets the frequency of inspections and testing of your sprinkler systems. It is important to comply with NFPA 25 to avoid fines due to noncompliance and to keep your systems in functioning condition.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Frequency

Inspections of fire sprinkler systems consist of visual checks of the components of the system to ensure that everything is in proper condition. How often should fire sprinklers be inspected? According to NFPA standards, sprinkler inspections should be performed:

  • Monthly – Visual check of the gauges in your wet pipe sprinkler systems
  • Quarterly – Water flow alarm devices, valve alarm devices, control valves, signal devices, hydraulic nameplates, and fire department connections
  • Annually – Pipework, fittings, hangar and seismic bracing, signage, and spare sprinklers
  • Every 5 Years – Inspection of your internal pipework

Sprinkler Testing Frequency

Testing of fire sprinkler systems consists of physical checks of your system to ensure it is functioning the way that it should. The NFPA recommends that sprinkler testing should be performed:

  • Quarterly – Test your fire sprinkler mechanical devices including alarm devices and the main drain
  • Semi-Annually – Vane and pressure switch type devices
  • Annually – Complete fire sprinkler system test. Main drain, water flow, the fire pump, antifreeze solutions and alarm devices
  • Every 5 Years – Test and replace your fire sprinkler gauges
  • Every 10 Years – Dry sprinkler systems must be tested or replaced

Contact Rich Fire Protection for Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Rich Fire Protection can provide inspections and testing of fire sprinkler systems in Atlantic City, NJ, and the surrounding areas. We keep your sprinklers functional and code compliant by setting up an inspection and testing program. Our technicians are qualified and experienced in providing service for fire sprinklers in a wide variety of buildings including commercial, residential, and industrial applications. If you are interested in learning more about inspection and testing services, contact Rich Fire Protection today!