Fire Sprinkler Installation Services

f05There is not a single type of fire sprinkler or fire suppression system that will work perfectly in all applications. Here at Rich Fire, we offer a range of solutions that are beneficial in very specific settings. Our knowledge of effective fire safety systems allows us to quickly identify your needs and help you select the equipment that is best suited for your situation.

Make sure to visit our fire sprinkler installation services page to learn about the different sprinkler and fire suppression systems that are available through our company. This page offers a primer on the various fire safety systems that we offer and which settings are the best for installing this equipment.

Many of these systems use substances other than water to snuff out a fire. For example, we offer CO2 fire suppression systems that blanket a fire with carbon dioxide, robbing the fire of the oxygen it needs to grow. This kind of system quells a blaze without causing water damage or conducting electricity, making it a great option for many industrial and commercial settings.

We also offer a couple of systems utilizing chemical suppressants to keep an inferno from growing out of control. FE-13 and FM-200 are fire suppressants which are environmentally safe and have very little or no toxicity. FM-200 specifically is very good at managing fires while being safe for use around computer equipment or even artwork.

Even among water sprinkler systems, there are a few options that prospective clients have to choose from through Rich Fire. Choose a deluge fire sprinkler system for a high-velocity flow of water to put out fires in very dangerous settings, such as a power plant or chemical storage facility. Areas that experience freezing temperatures throughout the year may benefit from a dry-pipe sprinkler system for immediate response to a blaze.

Make sure to peruse the extensive list of sprinkler technologies that we have available, and call Rich Fire if you have any further questions. We can respond to your fire safety needs throughout the Tri-State area surrounding Pleasantville, NJ, at all hours of the day or night.