Grants for Sprinkler Installation Advocacy

Fire Prevention

f08For years, Rich Fire has been a 24-hour emergency based fire suppression contractor. Committed to excellence, we believe that the only way to truly prevent fires is to educate the public, from the very old to toddlers. This is one of the mission statements of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), which about month ago, awarded grants to 16 organizations spread across the United States. These grants will help fund sprinkler education in various cities.

Unsatisfactory sprinkler performances or a lack of sprinklers altogether can destroy a family’s life. Sprinklers can be a simple solution to a catastrophic problem, but most people fail to recognize their importance. Life is hectic on its own, without us thinking about fires, and all homeowners, property owners, and tenants get bogged down by daily existence. This being the case, sprinklers are not often on the top of people’s priority lists. They should be.

Thankfully with these grants, which are a part of the Bringing Safety Home Grant Program, funds will be provided to sprinkler advocacy groups to promote the crucial need for home fire sprinklers in homes. We could not be more thrilled with a program like this, as there are so many homes and buildings in the country that do not have quality fire sprinklers. If all goes well, the Bringing Safety Home Grant Program will inspire more sprinkler installations. If you are looking to install fire sprinklers in the New Jersey area, contact Rich Fire Today!