Home Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property

Fire Prevention

f08Some type of fire suppression system is present in most commercial buildings, but having a fire sprinkler in a residential property is still unheard of for most people. Unfortunately, without a fire sprinkler system in place, the chances of everyone making it out of the property unharmed fall dramatically. However, we are seeing more and more cases of people choosing to place sprinklers in their home and, more importantly, we’re seeing how that can save lives.

Recently in Holyoke, Massachusetts, a group of local fire chiefs demonstrated just home effective home fire sprinklers can be. In order to do this, they started a fire in two different rooms that were identical in every way. One of these rooms was equipped with a sprinkler, and the other was not. The room without the sprinkler was completely consumed by the fire in less than a minute. On the other hand, the sprinkler in the other room was able to put out the fire in a little more than 30 seconds.

This demonstration is just one of many examples of people in the firefighting community trying to show the world the importance of home fire sprinkler systems. They can dramatically change the outcome of just about any type of fire, and they give everyone in the property a much better chance of escaping unharmed.

Do you think that fire sprinkler systems in the home will one day be commonplace? We sure hope so. Keep checking back with Rich Fire for more updates about home fire safety!

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