Most Common Types of Residential Fires

Most Common Types of Residential Fires

Regardless of where you live, there are always pending fire risks in both hMost Common Types of Residential Firesomes and apartments. It’s important to know what the most common types of residential fires are so you can understand how to prevent them.

Kitchen Fire

The most common type of fire in the United States is called a “kitchen fire.” The combination of heat sources in a kitchen, such as an oven, toaster, microwave, and other appliances make the kitchen a regular site of residential fires. Most often, fires in the kitchen occur because the stove or oven is left unattended. The best way to prevent a kitchen fire is to keep your eye on what you’re cooking and monitor open flames.

Heater Fire

You might be surprised to learn that space heaters are the cause of most winter residential fires. Most space heaters now have an automatic shut off setting to prevent them from overheating. However if you have an older model, faulty wiring, or your space heater is in close proximity to flammable items, it can be extremely dangerous. Make sure you purchase a space heater that does have settings such as a timer or an automatic shutoff. Never leave a space heater on when you’re not home.

Smoking Fire

Smoking is still a major cause of residential fires. Cigarettes that are not properly snuffed out are often left to burn, catching curtains, blankets, or otherwise on fire. Although cigarettes are small, they can cause large fires. You should never throw a cigarette into a trash can, even if you think you put it out. Put your used cigarettes in an ash tray and clean it out periodically once the cigarettes have cooled. Never smoke in bed or when you’re getting tired, you don’t want to risk falling asleep with a lit cigarette in your hand.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires, while quite common, can be difficult to predict. Most often, electrical fires are caused by faulty wiring in older homes that owners are unaware of. You should have the wiring in your home inspected frequently, and make any changes that an electrician suggests. Make sure your breaker box is operational and never force a plug into an outlet that doesn’t seem to fit.

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