New Stipend Program Supports Sprinkler Demonstrations

Fire Prevention

f08You can tell people the facts about fire sprinklers and how they make buildings safer for the people who live and work in them, but that’s sometimes not as effective as just showing them. That’s one of the reasons why the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is offering a new stipend program to fire departments around the country and in Canada.  The nonprofit group hopes to support fire departments in their continuing efforts to demonstrate the importance of having sprinkler systems in each and every building.

As the program currently stands, fire departments will receive $1,000 from the HFSC in order to conduct live demonstrations on fire sprinkler safety. While the specifics of the demonstrations will vary from department to department, some general guidelines are laid out in the program. The money will go towards the materials and construction costs associated with building mock houses. Departments will build two rooms, each identical to each other, except one will have a sprinkler in place and one won’t.

These types of demonstrations will allow people to see how quickly a fire can spread and engulf a room that doesn’t have fire sprinkler, while at the same time show them how effective sprinklers can be at containing flames. There are few ways more effective that illustrate exactly why a sprinkler system should be in every home and business.

This is just the latest example of people working hard to spread the word about the importance of fire sprinklers. We hope to see similar stories and programs just like this one in the future.