Sprinkler System Puts out Another Fire

There are countless studies and initiatives taking place across the country that are attempting to convey to people how important fire sprinkler systems really are. While we never want to hear about an actual fire breaking out, there are plenty of real world examples to look at that prove this point. For example, earlier this month a sprinkler system was responsible for putting out a fire in a Las Vegas apartment. Firefighters arrived at the scene after being alerted about smoke coming from one of the units, but by the time they got there, the fire had already been put out.

The fire began in a bathroom, and it was the result of a plastic piece of the ceiling fan melting. Several melted pieces of the fan fell on to a towel, which caused a fire to break out. As soon as the temperature in the room started rising, the bathroom sprinkler system kicked in. While several hundred dollars of damage were done to the apartment, the sprinkler prevented the fire from spreading very far. And fortunately, no one was injured in the apartment complex. In fact, the apartment’s resident noticed the fire right when the sprinkler system started going off. The entire building was evacuated while they waited for firefighters to arrive on the scene.

This is just one of many examples that go to show how important fire sprinkler systems are in both commercial properties and houses, apartments, and other types of residential buildings. For more news and updates about fire sprinklers, keep checking back with Rich Fire!