Steps to Take Before Using a Fire Extinguisher

using a fire extinguisherLocated inside your home, throughout your workplace and in every store you visit, fire extinguishers are an important safety precaution to have on hand. While most of us know to pull the pin on the extinguisher and aim at the fire’s base, the steps to take beforehand are just as important to learn. Brush up on your fire safety knowledge with Rich Fire Protection and remember to make note of where fire extinguishers are located in your home and workplace.

Call for Help

When a fire springs up, calling for help is the first step that you should take to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Even if you think that you can handle the fire on your own, it is important to call 911. Fire can spread very quickly and having help on the way will keep damage to a minimum.

Make Sure you are Safe

Before tackling the fire, help pets, children and other adults to get out of the building. Before grabbing the fire extinguisher, make sure that everyone is ok and headed to the set meeting point. Also look around to ensure the structural safety of the building and to locate exit points to ensure you can get out safely.

Assess the Fire

Next, assess the fire to decide if it can be fought with a fire extinguisher. A portable fire extinguisher should only be used on a small, contained fire. If the fire is too large or emitting toxic smoke, immediately exit the building and wait for firefighters to arrive.

To have your New Jersey fire extinguishers tagged and serviced or to set up a fire suppression sprinkler system, contact Rich Fire Protection online or by calling 609-641-7776.