Texas Firefighters Underline the Importance of Sprinkler Systems

More often than not we’re seeing people across the country advocate for fire sprinkler systems to be installed in not only commercial buildings, but residential properties as well. That was the case recently when firefighters in Port Neches, Texas held a demonstration in order to show area residents just how effective sprinkler systems can be at putting out fires before they get out of control. The local fire department performed this demonstration as part of their annual fire prevention week.

In what has become common practice in recent years, the demonstration involved two identical rooms. One of these rooms was outfitted with a sprinkler system while the other was not. Unsurprisingly, the room without a sprinkler was engulfed in flames quickly, while the other emerged in good condition. That’s because the sprinkler kicked in right away and was able to completely put out the fire in less than a minute. The other room kept burning until firefighters stepped in to put it out themselves.

While firefighters are more than capable of putting out even large fires, they can’t always be there right when one breaks out. Even a few minutes or seconds can make a huge difference in a fire, especially if there are people still in the building. With a fire sprinkler system in place, the fire can be put out or at least contained until more help can arrive.

Some people at the event expressed interest in having a fire sprinkler in their own homes after witnessing how effective they can be. With more advocacy and demonstrations like this, we hope to see a fire sprinkler in every home across the country!

Source: http://www.fox4beaumont.com/community/features/community-news/stories/firefighters-urge-families-install-fire-sprinklers-1731.shtml