The Importance of Firefighters and Fire Prevention Measures

Installing sprinklers is one thing, protecting people in the heat of the action is another matter entirely. Over the past couple weeks, many areas of the country have seen their fair share of catastrophe due to erratic weather. Whether the wildfires out west or the flash flooding in Texas, Oklahoma, and other states, our backs seem to always be up against the wall when it comes to Mother Nature. Is there anything we can do prevent or, at the very least, lessen the terrible impact of these weather events?

We look to firefighters and emergency workers to help us weather the storm and get to the other side unfazed. Firefighters have played a crucial role in protecting people and ensuring public safety in Texas and Oklahoma. At Rich Fire, we want to pay respects to those people who tirelessly protect us from fire hazards and other natural disasters such as flash floods and, specifically, to one firefighter that lost his life in Oklahoma.

Jason Farley died while attempting a water rescue in Claremore, Oklahoma. His heroics is a shining example of what these brave men and women do on a daily basis. Remember, preventing and helping people with natural crises is a hero’s work.