Updating Fire Safety Systems

banner5It’s hard to judge the true cost of neglecting to upgrade old and outdated fire alarm systems. Here at Rich Fire Protection, we work with many businesses and organizations that use systems that are so dilapidated that the only solution we can prescribe is a total replacement of the fire alarm system.

A business owner may initially be taken aback when they realize that what they thought was a minor repair project has quickly turned into something much more involved. But as this article published by MLive.com will show our readers, letting years go by before making necessary upgrades to a fire alarm system can often result in an embarrassing situation.

The financial woes being experienced by the city of Detroit have been well documented by the media over the past year or so. The descriptions of how it has affected their fire department’s technological capabilities are harrowing. For instance, to alarm emergency responders that a fire call is coming into a department, some stations use contraptions that involve pop cans filled with coins in order to receive alerts. Fire stations were also using equipment purchased from Radio Shack to sound out fire alarms.

Only systems designed to meet the rigors of emergency response standards should be used in the transmission of fire alerts and similar emergency response systems. Fire safety personnel who are charged with overseeing the fire safety of cities should not have to be reduced to finding ways of using consumer devices or primitive, homemade technology stopgaps. Outdated systems can be faulty, and seconds in response time can be the difference between a managed situation and disaster.

When you’re ready to get serious about upgrading fire safety at your business or organization, call on Rich Fire Protection. Our fire protection and security systems provide great response times in emergencies.