Why Your Business Needs A Fire Prevention Sprinkler System

Having a ceiling sprinkler system installed in your business can prevent damage to your valuable items and property in case of a fire.


When a business has a ceiling sprinkler systems installed, firefighters often respond to a fire to find smoke, but with the fire already out because of the ceiling sprinkler being quickly activated after the fire began. By the fire being quickly put out by the sprinklers, considerable damage can be prevented. Without a ceiling sprinkler, a business could suffer detrimental structural damage from a fire, such as destroying an entire roof.

Fire Srinklers For your business

There are several options if you are considering installing a ceiling sprinkler system. These options include:

  • CO2 fire suppression system
  • Deluge fire sprinkler system
  • Dry pipe fire sprinkler system
  • ESFR-early suppression fast response
  • FE-13 fire suppression system
  • FM-200
  • Foam/chemical suppression
  • In-rack fire sprinkler systems
  • Pre-action fire sprinkler system
  • Quell fire sprinkler system
  • Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system
  • Wet pipe fire sprinkler system

Each option has its own benefits.

For example, CO2 fire suppression systems are best use for: automated storage and retrieval facilities, automotive businesses, electronics operations, printing companies, research facilities and shipboard systems. Deluge fire sprinkler systems are best for areas that are considered dangerous, including power plants, aircraft hangars and chemical storage facilities. Dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems prevent water from entering the pipe until a fire is detected. These type of systems work best for loading docks, unheated warehouses and commercial freezers.

Another type of system that can help specific types of businesses are foam/chemical suppression systems. These systems are used when there are risks of liquid fire because they disperse a fire retardant that mixes with water and expands over the liquid that is on fire. This is why foam/chemical suppression systems are usually installed in places in which flammable liquids are installed, such as aircraft hangars, refineries, heliports and processing areas.

Freezer warehouses would benefit most from installing a pre-action fire sprinkler system because in this type of system, water is held back by an electronic valve controlled by the heat or smoke detection unit. Then, individual sprinkler heads are opened to release the water directly on the areas where it is most needed.

For more information on learning which type of fire suppression sprinkler system would work best for your place of business, visit www.richfire.com.