Winter Fire Safety Tips

When you think of winter, fire may be the furthest thing from your mind. Venture outside and you may experience everything from cold temperatures to freezing rain; not exactly an ideal environment for fire to thrive. But that’s exactly why fires can sometimes be more common during this time of year. People spend less time outside, and are indoors more often. This leads to them spending more time cooking on the stove, warming up with a space heater, and doing other things that can increase the chances of a fire breaking out. Take a look at the following safety tips to avoid starting a fire this winter.

Did you know that unattended cooking is one of the main causes of home fires in the United States? Cooking can be a great way to spend some time indoors and stay warm during winter, if done safely. Never leave a hot stove unattended, and make sure everything is properly turned off as soon as you are finished.

In addition to cooking, winter is the main time of year when people turn on their heaters. While most types of heating units are generally safe, things like space heaters can quickly become a fire hazard if left on for too long. In fact, space heaters are the cause behind four out of five home heating fire deaths. Make sure all of your heating equipment is properly cleaned before using it, and never leave a heating device on when you don’t plan on being around.

Candles are also another common cause of fires throughout the winter time. While candles can provide some warmth and light on cold, dark winter nights, they can be unsafe if used improperly. Before lighting any candle, make sure it is not in reach of something that could catch on fire. While candles are lit, be mindful of where they are so nobody knocks them over.

By following these guidelines you can greatly reduce the odds of starting a fire this winter.