Sprinkler System Puts out Another Fire

There are countless studies and initiatives taking place across the country that are attempting to convey to people how important fire sprinkler systems really are. While we never want to hear about an actual fire breaking out, there are plenty of real world examples to look at that prove this point. For example, earlier this… Read more »

The Importance of Firefighters and Fire Prevention Measures

Installing sprinklers is one thing, protecting people in the heat of the action is another matter entirely. Over the past couple weeks, many areas of the country have seen their fair share of catastrophe due to erratic weather. Whether the wildfires out west or the flash flooding in Texas, Oklahoma, and other states, our backs… Read more »

New Stipend Program Supports Sprinkler Demonstrations

You can tell people the facts about fire sprinklers and how they make buildings safer for the people who live and work in them, but that’s sometimes not as effective as just showing them. That’s one of the reasons why the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is offering a new stipend program to fire departments around… Read more »

Demonstration Shows Effectiveness of Fire Sprinklers

At Rich Fire, we’ve been telling you about the importance of having fire sprinkler systems installed in every property, and so have many other fire safety organizations and companies across the country. Unfortunately, sometimes telling people something isn’t enough to make them believe the reality of the situation. Sometimes a demonstration is in order, and… Read more »

Texas Firefighters Support Residential Sprinkler Legislation

At Rich Fire, we’re always trying to spread the word about the importance of fire safety and the need for fire sprinkler systems. More and more often we’ve been seeing efforts around the country to bring fire sprinklers to not only commercial properties, but also residential homes. Recently in Texas a new bill was proposed… Read more »

Home Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property

Some type of fire suppression system is present in most commercial buildings, but having a fire sprinkler in a residential property is still unheard of for most people. Unfortunately, without a fire sprinkler system in place, the chances of everyone making it out of the property unharmed fall dramatically. However, we are seeing more and… Read more »

How to Protect Your Sprinkler System in the Winter

While several areas throughout the country have to deal with naturally occurring fires during warm weather, house fires can occur during any time of the year, including the middle of winter. If you have a sprinkler system in your residential or commercial property, you have a better chance at making sure everyone in the building… Read more »

Common Fire Safety Mistakes to Avoid

Whether there is a fire in your home or your workplace, there are a number of things you need to do in order to ensure you remain safe and unharmed. Namely, you need to find a clear exit and leave the building as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a number of the deaths and injuries that… Read more »

Teaching Your Children about Fire Safety

Teaching your children about fire safety can be daunting and uncomfortable. How much do kids need to know to be safe and how often should we review this information with them? The fact is that in 2011, 277 children died in home fires in the United States. Information and practice with responding to fires should… Read more »

Workplace Fire Safety

No matter how safe your workplace is, the chance of a fire starting is always an unfortunate possibility. However, knowing about some of the most common fire hazards found in workplaces across the country, and how to contain them, can help you reduce the risk to yourself and your coworkers. You may or may not… Read more »