Fire Education for Kids

f05It is incredibly important for every member of a family to be aware of the emergency plans put in place in case of a fire. Here at Rich Fire, we know that our sprinkler and fire suppression systems are most effective when paired with a fire safety plan for getting out of a dangerous situation quickly.

When a fire breaks out, an adult can react quickly and get to safety, but children often need help reaching an exit. School districts are required by their state governments to conduct multiple fire drills every year with their students so that young ones are familiar with the evacuation plan. When was the last time you practiced your emergency escape plan at home with your family?

This article published by The Elgin Courier-News discusses a very helpful program aimed at increasing fire safety skills in children. Recently, the Elgin Fire Department in Elgin, IL, conducted its annual open house. Held in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week, fire safety was a major focus of the event, which featured many activities geared towards children.

Young children attending the open house were able to don fire apparel and ride on some of the fire trucks operated by the department. Some braver kids tried their hand at shimmying down a fire pole set up by some of the department’s firefighters.

This year’s open house at the Elgin Fire Department also reflected the theme of 2014’s Fire Prevention Week: “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives.” Fire officials made sure to make families aware that smoke alarms should be installed on every level of a house and within 15 feet of each bedroom.

Maintaining a fire safety plan that works for you and your family takes some work, but it will keep your family safer in an emergency. To make sure that your residential, commercial or industrial property is as protected as possible, look at the various systems that can be installed by Rich Fire. We service the fire safety needs of the Tri-State area from our headquarters in Pleasantville, NJ.