Fire Prevention Week

3dfire-primary[1]The sprinkler and fire suppression systems available through Rich Fire are all designed for optimal fire safety in the home or a variety of other settings. We want to keep our clients and all of their customers, guests or family members as safe as possible, especially during this time of year when fire safety awareness is a major topic being discussed across the country.

October 5 through October 11 marks the seven-day period during which Fire Prevention Week is observed. Sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, this week commemorates the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. In 1871, this major American city was rocked by an inferno that killed 250 people, destroyed more than 17,400 buildings across 2,000 acres. More than 100,000 people were left homeless as a result.

Interestingly, the Great Chicago Fire, famous though it may be, wasn’t even the largest blaze that burned out of control in America that week. On the same day that the Chicago fire was sparked, the Peshtigo Fire broke out in northeast Wisconsin. When it was finished, 1,152 people were dead, 1.2 million acres were burned and 16 entire towns were decimated.

The chances that a major city or forest fire will create the same devastation in our contemporary world are very small, and that’s thanks in large part to the prevention efforts our country has made since our country began observing Fire Prevention Week in 1922. The theme for this year’s observation is “Smoke Alarms Save Lives.” The main focus of activities and information discussed this year will be on the need to check your smoke alarms once a month.

While you check your smoke alarms, take a look and make sure that your fire sprinkler and suppression systems are also working effectively. If you need a professional technician to check and test your equipment, or you’re considering the installation of a new system, call Rich Fire if you need the job finished quickly within the Tri-State area surrounding Pleasantville, NJ.