The Dangers of Deep Frying a Turkey

deep frying a turkey outsideDid you know that the peak day for home cooking fires is Thanksgiving Day? This fact is not very surprising, with a turkey in the oven, multiple pots on the stove and guests arriving throughout the day. There is so much rushing around to do throughout the festivities that it is difficult to keep your eyes on the stove. Both the U.S. Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association have shared information with the public regarding safety hazards to watch for on Thanksgiving Day, especially when it comes to deep frying your turkey.

While a deep fried turkey makes for a delicious Thanksgiving meal, deep fryers present more than a few fire hazards. The cooking oil used in a deep fryer boils to extremely high temperatures and can cause terrible burns if any bubbles up or spills during the cooking process. Since even the smallest amount of cooking oil can create a big fire when it makes contact with a hot burner, roasting the turkey in the oven is recommended.

If you do choose to deep fry your turkey, remember to use the upmost care as you are cooking. Always use thick oven mitts when checking your pot, since the sides, lid and handles can reach extremely high temperatures due to the oil inside. We also recommend keeping children out of the cooking area while, since turkey fryers are easy to tip over. The NFPA also highlights the use of the new, oil-less turkey fryer instead, for a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Rich Fire Protection hopes that you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones!

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